Allow us to answer many frequently asked questions by new students.

Is there a dress code?

How you do anything is how you do everything.  At Brutus Jiujitsu we believe that a neat and orderly appearance is another aspect of a disciplined student.  Wearing a uniform promotes pride and team unity.  Both Gi, and No-Gi have a uniformed dresscode.  All students are expected to be prepared for class, which includes arriving early, participating fully in class warm ups, and wearing the appropriate Gi, or No-Gi uniform.

Do I need experience to participate in Jiujitsu classes?

Martial arts is a journey that starts with a step.  Every elite martial artist was once a beginner.  Being both student and teacher is part of the process and the journey.  When students begin to achieve rank they are given more responsibilities, both with advanced training and knowledge, but also with the responsibilities of leadership and the mentoring of lower ranking students.  No experience is required to attend a Jiujitsu class, however a good attitude, a willingness to learn hard work, and a humble attitude go a long ways.

How soon can I expect to rank advance in Jiujitsu?

Jiujitsu  has a notorious reputation for slow rank advancement.  It is not uncommon to reach blackbelt in many karate schools in 4 years. Juijitsu requires a minimum of ten.  Many karate schools have 10-12 belts.  Juijitsu has just 5.  While it is admirable and recommended to set goals and pursue them, students of Jiujitsu are taught to focus on learning and perfecting techniques, having a mindset for the long haul, and rank will come in it's due time.

How often should I train in Jiujitsu?

Like learning a foreign language it is very difficult to learn Jiujitsu only once a week.  While 2-3 times a week are recommended the Jiujitsu journey is very personal for each person.  The more you put into your training, the more you get out.  The highest drop out rates occur from white to blue belt.  The more classes, privates and practice sessions you attend on a regular basis, the faster your evolution will be.