In the following interview Marcelo Silveira discusses his own personal decision to dedicate his life to Jiujitsu as well as some of the important history of the art.  

Meet the Team


Marcelo "Brutus" Silveira

Brasilian Jiu-jitsu, No Gi, MMA Head Instructor

Co-founder of Boca Black Belt Academy

Co-founder of American Top Team and Carlson Gracie Gym Miami



Don Stanley

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Licensed Manual Therapist MA 57524

CFSC certified, TPI, FMS, SFMA certified


Marcos Souza

 Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Instructor

In Charge of Children's Instruction



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Maintain your physical and mental well-being while developing a lifelong skill. Discipline, mental toughness, respect and character are all achieved through a commitment to mastering the skills of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  Whether you're seeking to improve your fitness, stay healthy, remove stress, learn self-defense, or accept the challenge that martial arts provides, Boca Black Belt Academy has something for everyone.


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