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Study with one of the leading authorities on the art of Brasilian Jiu-jitsu. Marcelo "Brutus" Silveira is a 5th degree black belt, his lineage coming directly from the late Grandmaster Carlson Gracie. Possessing over three decades of experience, Marcelo has perfected his craft under such prestigious names as Masters Marcio Santos, Marcus Soares and his brother Marcus "Conan" Silveira.  An innovator and early pioneer in helping to proliferate Brasilian Jiu-jitsu in America, Marcelo and his brother Conan have helped to create some of the sports most iconic schools and fight teams today. From Carlson Gracie Gym Miami, Silveira Brothers Jiu-Jitsu South Beach, to American Top Team and Boca Black Belt Academy, the art of Jiu-Jitsu continues to evolve and thrive under his direct influence and supervision.

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Learn from one of the most respected names in Jiu-jitsu today.

Master Marcelo or "Brutus" as he prefers to be called, believes that Jiu-jitsu is for everyone, regardless of age or experience.  Being able to distill the essence of jiu-jitsu to it's purist form, removing the non-essential, and passing on it's knowledge and wisdom has always been the primary focus.  By coupling "old school" ideals with modern training techniques, Brutus provides a complete system, which produces optimal results. Having helped a multitude of practicioners reach the highest levels of competitive jui-jitsu, Marcelo always remains true to this ideal. Brutus possesses the range to work with busy executives, both men and women, professional fighters and weekend enthusiasts alike.  It is this same level of character, passion and dedication to excellence that makes Marcelo one of today's most sought after authorities on the sport, and way of life that is Jiu-jitsu.



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